Childcare Programs

Keene, NH

90 Base Hill Rd, Keene, NH 03431 

7:45 am - 4:15 pm


From 6 weeks to 18 months of age

Families help develop an individualized schedule for their child that meets their needs and preferences while in our care.

Full time (M - F) = $320/week

Part Time (M/W/F) = $215/week

Part Time (T/Th) = $155/week


Ages 1.5-3 years

Children begin following a classroom schedule with group activities as they become more social and curious. 

Full time (M - F) = $290/week

Part Time (M/W/F) = $195/week

Part Time (T/Th) = $140/week


Ages 3-5

Activities are planned based on children's interests to encourage learning independent skills, creative thinking, and social wellness. 

Our Ready for Kindergarten program is integrated into our preschool room with a focus on the fundamental social, emotional, and independent skills needed to succeed and learn as they enter a school setting.

Full time (M - F) = $260/week

Part Time (M/W/F) = $170/week

Part Time (T/Th) = $125/week

Monthly payment plans are encouraged