Childcare Programs

Keene, NH

90 Base Hill Rd, Keene, NH 03431 

7:45 am - 4:15 pm


From 6 weeks to 1 year of age

Families help develop an individualized schedule for their child that meets their needs and preferences while in our care.

Full time (M - F) = $320/week

Part Time (M/W/F) = $215/week

Part Time (T/Th) = $155/week


Ages 1-3

Children begin following a classroom schedule with group activities as they become more social and curious. 

Full time (M - F) = $290/week

Part Time (M/W/F) = $195/week

Part Time (T/Th) = $140/week


Ages 3-5

Activities are planned based on children's interests to encourage learning independent skills, creative thinking, and social wellness. 

Our Ready for Kindergarten program is integrated into our preschool room with a focus on the fundamental social, emotional, and independent skills needed to succeed and learn as they enter a school setting.

Full time (M - F) = $260/week

Part Time (M/W/F) = $170/week

Part Time (T/Th) = $125/week

Monthly payment plans are encouraged

Additional Program Offerings

SAP Community Store

Is your child growing out of things quickly? We have an on-site store! Bring in those items you no longer need and receive credit towards quality items you and your child are looking for. Buy or sell baby gear, clothing, books, toys, outdoor items, and more (Open to public as well)!

Professional Class Photoshoot

In Autumn, we offer a class photo package that contains a digital portfolio of 20 images of your child, as well as one printed class photo (featured to the left). This is a great way to capture those timeless memories to share with your loved ones.

Professional Family Photoshoot

In Spring, we offer a family photo package that contains a digital portfolio of 20 images. This is a fun activity that gives you artistically crafted photos of your beautiful family to enjoy forever.