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At Sapling Acres Preschool we believe learning is meant to be fun and that children learn best by experiencing the world around them and discovering with their senses. We will always learn with nature first, exploring the great outdoors!

Our curriculum is child led and allows for children to assess risk verses reward to make decisions on their own. This practice builds their confidence while preparing them with important life skills including assessment, evaluation, cause and effect, decision making, and body awareness.

Our team of educators carefully plans their weekly curriculum around a theme where children can learn new skills and concepts. We may learn about fire safety one week and build homemade firetrucks or learn about space and craft our favorite color planet!

As children are learning these skills they are also strengthening their bodies, balance and coordination. We also believe in fostering independence, encouraging skill building, promoting healthy habits, and teaching social/emotional awareness. It is a strong core value of ours to maintain small child to teacher ratios to ensure each child feels valued, supported, and appreciated. 

In the first five years of early development, fostering strong and healthy relationships is the most important foundation for a child. With a focus on Pyramid model learnings, we are well equipped to understand, communication, and support children of all wakes of life. 

We pride ourselves on caring for children that need this support most, and not oly surrounding them with caring adults, but also caring friends that can help them optimize their learning.

Our Pillars

We take a full circle approach to childcare through consistent focus on Children, Family, Team, & Community.